The Psychology of Listing

Everlasting Listings and Marketing Listings to the Extreme combine in a two day seminar, The Psychology of Listing, that trains REALTORS® to deliver a highly effective, branded, professional listing presentation easily and with less preparation. Plus, a customizable electronic copy of the presentation is yours to keep, FREE! Students will gain insights to make every listing more saleable and generate more closings. Topics include pre-listing preparation, determining value, delivering a marketing presentation, objection-handling, sticking to commissions, asking for the close, and many more of the fundamentals REALTORS® struggle with.

Discussing the marketability of listings from every aspect, this course provides insights that will make every listing more saleable and generate more closings. Whether you are looking to diversify your marketing portfolio or looking for a place to start, this course is for you. Covering topics such as listing first impressions, writing good descriptions, staging 101, keeping listings competitive, and diversity in marketing, Johnny provides proven ideas and methods suitable to every budget.

Remember, it's not what you say, it's how you say it; take your listings to the extreme and sell them FASTER! Join Top 200 REALTOR® for 2007, Johnny Loewy, as he teaches you to build your listing pipeline to keep the closing checks rolling in. You've never seen a listing class quite like this.

Johnny Loewy