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Jt Scillieri
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License #: SL3217536
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About Jt

Top Recruiter in all of North American for EXIT Realty International Realty - Realtor - Mentor - trainer with EXIT Realty.  With over 1,000 offices throughout the USA and Canada, Please call me with your location and I will find the best office Location for you.
732-693-9477  Monday-Sunday 9 am to 10 pm

Section (A) is for people who are thinking about going into the Real Estate business. or are currently enrolled in a Real Estate class. Thinking about a career in Real Estate? why not? The Real Estate Market is fantastic all across the country. As a realtor you can still work Full time or Part time at your current job and work with EXIT Realty Part-Time minimum 5 hours per week. Once you are earning more money you may want to quit your current job and do Real Estate Full Time. The choice is yours, since you are an independent contractor (Your Own Business)

What do I need to do to get started? Taking and passing your states Real Estate class, then take your states Real Estate Exam and earn a passing score (Usually a 75) You will also need to get finger printed, its a one time process. I can assist you in passing the Real Estate Exam if you are trying for the Florida Real Estate Exam. I will personally work with you to ensure that you pass on the first try. (No other Real Estate company is willing to do that) Finally joining an EXIT Realty Real Estate office. Standard fees are the MLS®, otherwise know as the Multiple Listing Service, National Association of Realtors®, and your state and local Real Estate Associations, In some instances in certain area will will need a Supra Lock Box key. 

Call me directly Monday-Sunday 9am to 10pm. If I do not pick up, please leave a message and I will call you back as soon as possible, let me know the best days and times for me to contact you.

I will explain in some detail the TRUTH about a Part Time or Full Time career opportunity. Then if you like, I will email you information. We will even email you a link for a Real Estate School, helping you with any questions you may have etc.  

With over 1,000 offices throughout North America I will assist you in finding the Best EXIT Realty office that matches you best. Most of our offices do not require you to "be in the office" unless you desire to work in the office. Many of our offices have private desks or work stations for your convienience. With today's technology all real estate transactions can be done electronically.  

Sponsoring just one person into any EXIT Realty office in North America can easily pay your yearly Real Estate dues. Best of all EXIT Realty corp pays immediately after your first Sponsor closes on a property!

Here are just a few EXIT Realty offices that I know personally:

Florida: Vero Beach, West Palm Beach, Boynton Beach, Orlando, Jensen Beach, Port St Lucie, Palm Beach Gardens

New Jersey: Toms River, Brick, Point Pleasant, Manahawkin

Texas: Houston

Section (B) Existing Seasoned Realtors that are considering changing Brokerages and switching UP to a Part Time or Full Time career with EXIT Realty. Real Estate companies are not all alike. As a matter of fact they can vary greatly. here is a list of a few of these advantages of EXIT Realty

a. Sponsoring is a process whereby an EXIT Realtor introduces a potential recruit to management. If that recruit is hired, the EXIT Associate who made the introduction receives a financial bonus from EXIT's head office as all of the new recruit's transactions close.

b. Sponsoring is unlimited and can be practiced anywhere at EXIT Realty across the North American continent.

c. Residual bonuses are single-level only. They are not multi-level in any way. (Pyramid Scheme) For example: If "John" sponsors in "Mary" and "Mary" sponsors in "Bill", John receives no benefits as a result of Bill because he did not sponsor Bill into EXIT Realty directly. (It's not a pyramid)

d. EXIT Realty's commission splits are 70/30 up to $100,000 gross closed then 90/10 for the balance of the year, annually. The new recruit's commissions are not influenced at all as a result of the sponsoring bonuses being paid out. 

e. The sponsoring bonus is equivalent to 10 of the gross commission received by the recruit during the time that the recruit is on a 70 split. This maximizes at $10,000 each year per recruit. It then perpetually continues each year the recruit remains with EXIT Realty.

f. Sponsoring is mentoring with a vested interest: it generates perpetual financial returns and creates an incentive to pass down wisdom. The more the recruit improves, the better the return to the sponsor.

g. Sponsoring can be split evenly between two people for the initial introduction thus they would each receive 5 accordingly.

h. The process of taking listings and making sales has always defined real estate as a two-dimensional business. Sponsoring now adds a third dimension and a new income stream.

i. For example: A $5000 single-side transaction generates a sponsoring bonus of $500. This bonus is paid out to the sponsoring associate by EXIT'S head office no matter what the financial status of the broker. Since EXIT's head office pays all sponsoring bonuses there is no requirement for EXIT franchises to be in a profit position previous to pay out.

j. EXIT Realtors® pay a Transaction fee of $50/$130/$275  (Amounts may vary slightly depending upon state) Once you reach $2700 per year, every transaction after that you will not pay anymore transaction fees till the following year.  A Percentage of this transaction fee is applied to National and Local Advertising.

k. All EXIT Associates pay annual dues of $375. This amount is prorated depending on when you join the company. If you pay early EXIT Realty gives a discount every year. This gives them qualification to receive Exit residuals and receive your Back office website, Mobile business card, and so much more.

l. An Exit Associate who has participated in sponsoring continues to receive 7 residual bonuses after they retire.(That can be at any age.)  The other 3 goes to their broker. This continues for as long as those your sponsors continue to make sales. A retired EXIT Associate may continue to sponsor in new individuals to management with no further responsibility to sell Real Estate.

m. EXIT Associates designate a beneficiary when they join EXIT. Should an EXIT Associate become deceased for whatever reason then a special residual beneficiary benefit of 5 is dedicated to the beneficiary. This continues for as long as those who had been sponsored in by the Associate continue to generate sales. The other 5 goes to the broker who licensed the Associate who is now deceased.

n. A portion of each transaction fee paid by the salespeople in each EXIT office across the continent is accumulated in a special secretarial bonus fund by Exit. This bonus fund is paid to the support staff of that office immediately prior to Christmas.

o. EXIT Realty's head office dedicates a portion of each transaction fee generated by all offices in the corporation to its present charity of choice, Habitat for Humanity.


1860 82nd Ave, Vero Beach, FL, 32966
Contact Us - 772 404 4450
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