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Tina Casen
Sales Representative
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About Me

Tina Casen is a respected and experienced Licensed Realtor for EXiT Alliance Realty in Temecula, California. She specializes in residential properties, throughout Southern California. She helps people invest in Real Estate, in San Diego and Riverside County, and is recognized for her in depth knowledge of the Temecula and Murrieta Real Estate Market. For TODAYs brand new listings in Riverside County, click here!

Real Estate Specialties:

1. San Diego, Riverside and Orange Counties: Residential Real Estate, New homes, resale homes, first time buyers, investors, land, estate homes, short sales, foreclosures, banked owned homes, military relocation, executive relocation, leases & property management.

2. Military Relocation She is a Military Veteran, and is honored to help other military families, as they transfer to and from Southern California. Whether you are buying, selling, or renting, she dedicates her service, to helping you!

3. Investors Tina Casen is a Owner Investor Certified Professional. The housing market presents opportunity for multifamily, institutional, and individual investors to capitalize on attractive prices, rents and mortgage rates. Whether you are a first time investor or a seasoned investor, she can help you to succeed in the investment market.

4. Short Sales - Avoid Foreclosure. It's her specialty. She can help you understand loan modifications, short sales, and foreclosures.

5. Market Analysis - You may be surprised how much your home is worth. Request your free market analysis, today!

What others are saying about Tina:

She stepped up and helped me through the process of selling a house...Tina took me step by step through the process of selling the house. She kept me updated on the process, without me asking, she assisted with the buyers of the house, all the time living in a city nowhere near mine. Tina took the time out of her day to drive to my location and speak with me in person. Tina is a lady who puts the client above herself, makes sure everything runs smoothly, and sees that I didnt have any stress during the sale of the house. If there is a set standard that realtors go for, Tina goes way above that, not expecting anything in return. The entire process of selling the house went great, and even after the sale was complete, Tina made sure I was not stressed anymore, if I was finally getting sleep, etc. Tina is an outstanding Realtor that I have already recommended to friends, telling them she works for you in anyway she can. She is extremely professional in her job, and knows what she is doing. Tina will sit you down and walk you through the process step by step, not going on until you are understanding of each step. Her smile breaks down any fear that I had! - Chris A. (San Diego, CA)

Her loyalty, devotion to duty, enthusiasm, and superb leadership techniques are emulated by juniors and peers, and admired by her superiors. A cheerful, cooperative, fair and honest disposition augments her superb managerial talentsShe possesses the strong personal values of honesty and integrityHer professionalism, character, leadership and positive mental attitude warrant her the fullest consideration. Lt. Col. Sioson, Commander (Riverside, CA)

I had the pleasure of working with Ms. Casen during her time at Exit Alliance Realty, and her tremendous abilities never ceased to amaze me. She has always been available and eager to help if anyone in the office or community should ever need a helping hand. She is compassionate and is always sharing of her time. Ms. Mulls incredible adaptability with clients has allowed her to excel in sales. Her uncanny ability to know what the client wants before they tell her makes clients feel comfortable with her. Her flexibility also allows her to quickly switch tactics if the client changes their mind about something at the last minute. Ruby Pasco (Temecula, CA)

About Tina Casen:

She is a licensed REALTOR® who is passionate about helping others to succeed, and this carries over to your real estate experience. She possesses two Associates degrees and 2 Bachelors degrees. She has 9 children, and is committed to excellence. She has dedicated over 33 years to serving in the United States Air Force. Whether Air Force or Real Estate, it is her greatest honor to serve you! She loves God, and has served in the ministry. She is the Founder of Operation Wingman, which is a local mission, partnering with EXiT Children, Military Units, local JROTCs, Cadet Corps, and the community, to come alongside and support (WINGMAN) local troops as they deploy to foreign land, by sending CARE packages and needed items. If you would like to support the cause, or suggest a local hero who could use support, please let her know! Tina has been named one of five Southern Californias Finest Women in Real Estate.

Agent Opportunities: Sometimes her country calls her away from her real estate job, but while shes gone EXiT Realty still pays hercan you say this about your real estate company? Ask her about RESIDUALS!


43521 Ridge Park Suite 201, Temecula, CA, 92590
Contact Us - 951 639 8777
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