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Sometimes when life events become unpredictable, it is helpful to step back for a few moments, and then take deliberate steps forward on things that you can direct and control. It helps make certain things during uncertain times. EXIT Realty Corp. International understands that these unique times come and go, but that they may represent some temporary challenges that we all must face together. We have sought out and curated some of the most relevant and timely resources available that may be useful in a number of aspects of your life - from current resources available from the national, state/provincial, and local governments, financial organizations, and many more!

Are you aware of a resource that our associates, customers and communities may find useful? Let us know! Contact Us

Economic ResponseCanada
Provincial Emergency BenefitsCanada
Emergency Response Benefit Canada
Emergency Wage SubsidyCanada
TD BankCanada
Chamber of CommerceCanada
SB Relief ProgramsUnited States
UnemploymentUnited States
Unemployment By State United States
Bank of AmericaUnited States
Capital OneUnited States
ChaseUnited States
CitigroupUnited States
Government BenefitsUnited States
JP MorganUnited States
PNCUnited States
TD BankUnited States
US BankUnited States
Wells FargoUnited States
Fannie MaeUnited States
FHFAUnited States
Freddie MacUnited States
HUDUnited States
NARUnited States
NAR ToolsUnited States
Protections for Realtors®United States
SBAUnited States
CDCUnited States
CDC Business PreparidnessUnited States
COVID-19United States
COVID-19United States
State Department of HealthAlabama
State Real Estate AssociationAlabama
State Response WebsiteAlabama
State Department of HealthAlaska
State Real Estate AssociationAlaska
State Response WebsiteAlaska
Provincial Department of HealthAlberta
Provincial Real Estate AssociationAlberta
Provincial Response WebsiteAlberta
State Department of HealthArizona
State Real Estate AssociationArizona
State Response WebsiteArizona
Financial Guidance Arkansas
State Department of HealthArkansas
State Real Estate AssociationArkansas
State Response WebsiteArkansas
Provincial Department of HealthBritish Columbia
Provincial Real Estate AssociationBritish Columbia
Provincial Response WebsiteBritish Columbia
State Department of HealthCalifornia
State Real Estate AssociationCalifornia
State Response WebsiteCalifornia
State Department of HealthColorado
State Real Estate AssociationColorado
State Response WebsiteColorado
State Department of HealthDistrict of Columbia
State Real Estate AssociationDistrict of Columbia
State Response WebsiteDistrict of Columbia
State Department of HealthConnecticut
State Real Estate AssociationConnecticut
State Response WebsiteConnecticut
State Department of HealthDelaware
State Real Estate AssociationDelaware
State Response WebsiteDelaware
State Department of HealthFlorida
State Real Estate AssociationFlorida
State Response WebsiteFlorida
State Department of HealthGeorgia
State Real Estate AssociationGeorgia
State Response WebsiteGeorgia
State Department of HealthHawaii
State Real Estate AssociationHawaii
State Response WebsiteHawaii
State Department of HealthIdaho
State Real Estate AssociationIdaho
State Response WebsiteIdaho
State Department of HealthIllinois
State Real Estate AssociationIllinois
State Response WebsiteIllinois
State Department of HealthIndiana
State Real Estate AssociationIndiana
State Response WebsiteIndiana
State Department of HealthIowa
State Real Estate AssociationIowa
State Response WebsiteIowa
State Department of HealthKansas
State Real Estate AssociationKansas
State Response WebsiteKansas
State Department of HealthKentucky
State Real Estate AssociationKentucky
State Response WebsiteKentucky
State Department of HealthLouisiana
State Real Estate AssociationLouisiana
State Response WebsiteLouisiana
State Department of HealthMaine
State Real Estate AssociationMaine
State Response WebsiteMaine
Provincial Department of HealthManitoba
Provincial Real Estate AssociationManitoba
Provincial Response WebsiteManitoba
State Department of HealthMaryland
State Real Estate AssociationMaryland
State Response WebsiteMaryland
SBA MA Lenders ListMassachusetts
State Department of HealthMassachusetts
State Real Estate AssociationMassachusetts
State Response WebsiteMassachusetts
State Department of HealthMichigan
State Real Estate AssociationMichigan
State Response WebsiteMichigan
State Department of HealthMinnesota
State Real Estate AssociationMinnesota
State Response WebsiteMinnesota
State Department of HealthMississippi
State Real Estate AssociationMississippi
State Response WebsiteMississippi
State Department of HealthMissouri
State Real Estate AssociationMissouri
State Response WebsiteMissouri
State Department of HealthMontana
State Real Estate AssociationMontana
State Response WebsiteMontana
State Department of HealthNebraska
State Real Estate AssociationNebraska
State Response WebsiteNebraska
State Department of HealthNevada
State Real Estate AssociationNevada
State Response WebsiteNevada
Provincial Department of HealthNew Brunswick
Provincial Real Estate AssociationNew Brunswick
Provincial Response WebsiteNew Brunswick
State Department of HealthNew Hampshire
State Real Estate AssociationNew Hampshire
State Response WebsiteNew Hampshire
State Department of HealthNew Jersey
State Real Estate AssociationNew Jersey
State Response WebsiteNew Jersey
State Department of HealthNew Mexico
State Real Estate AssociationNew Mexico
State Response WebsiteNew Mexico
State Department of HealthNew York
State Real Estate AssociationNew York
State Response WebsiteNew York
Provincial Department of HealthNewfoundland & Labrador
Provincial Real Estate AssociationNewfoundland & Labrador
Provincial Response WebsiteNewfoundland & Labrador
State Department of HealthNorth Carolina
State Real Estate AssociationNorth Carolina
State Response WebsiteNorth Carolina
State Department of HealthNorth Dakota
State Real Estate AssociationNorth Dakota
State Response WebsiteNorth Dakota
Provincial Department of HealthNova Scotia
Provincial Real Estate AssociationNova Scotia
Provincial Response WebsiteNova Scotia
State Department of HealthOhio
State Real Estate AssociationOhio
State Response WebsiteOhio
State Department of HealthOklahoma
State Real Estate AssociationOklahoma
State Response WebsiteOklahoma
Provincial Department of HealthOntario
Provincial Real Estate AssociationOntario
Provincial Response WebsiteOntario
State Department of HealthOregon
State Real Estate AssociationOregon
State Response WebsiteOregon
State Department of HealthPennsylvania
State Real Estate AssociationPennsylvania
State Response WebsitePennsylvania
Provincial Department of HealthPrince Edward Island
Provincial Real Estate AssociationPrince Edward Island
Provincial Response WebsitePrince Edward Island
State Department of HealthRhode Island
State Real Estate AssociationRhode Island
State Response WebsiteRhode Island
Provincial Department of HealthSaskatchewan
Provincial Real Estate AssociationSaskatchewan
Provincial Response WebsiteSaskatchewan
State Department of HealthSouth Carolina
State Real Estate AssociationSouth Carolina
State Response WebsiteSouth Carolina
State Department of HealthSouth Dakota
State Real Estate AssociationSouth Dakota
State Response WebsiteSouth Dakota
State Department of HealthTennessee
State Real Estate AssociationTennessee
State Response WebsiteTennessee
State Department of HealthTexas
State Real Estate AssociationTexas
State Response WebsiteTexas
State Department of HealthUtah
State Real Estate AssociationUtah
State Response WebsiteUtah
State Department of HealthVermont
State Real Estate AssociationVermont
State Response WebsiteVermont
State Department of HealthVirginia
State Real Estate AssociationVirginia
State Response WebsiteVirginia
State Department of HealthWest Virginia
State Real Estate AssociationWest Virginia
State Response WebsiteWest Virginia
State Department of HealthWisconsin
State Real Estate AssociationWisconsin
State Response WebsiteWisconsin
State Department of HealthWyoming
State Real Estate AssociationWyoming
State Response WebsiteWyoming